We operate a marketplace which is open for third parties to sell their products on our website, none of the products listed on the OJARH marketplace are owned or sold by us, neither are we involved in the actual sale transaction between the buyers and the sellers on the OJARH marketplace the buyer and the seller agree that we would be held free from any liability in contract, pre-contract or other representations for all transactions conducted on OJARH marketplace.

The seller shall be liable if the seller supplied and delivered products not in conformity with Buyers order list in respect to Color, Size, Type, Brand, Specified Quality, Make, country of origin and others that the buyer specified in the buyer order list and clear Evidence shown by the buyer that the seller agreed to sell that specification of products.

Either of these two things will happen:

  1. If the Buyer requested for refund, that refund must include the cost of the products, cost of delivery and cost of return of the rejected product to the seller. Or
  2. If the Buyer requested for replacement by the correct product: the Seller must be responsible cost of the delivery of the correct product to the buyer and cost of return of the wrong product to the seller The Sellers must state in clear terms in their Return Policy in their respective Stores that any product sold and supplied not in conformity with the Buyer's Order lists, that the Buyer has the right of refund which will include cost of delivery incurred by the buyer

Buyer has the Right to seek for replacement of the wrong product received by the right one and the refund for the cost of delivery and return of the wrong product to the seller.

The Seller shall not be liable if the Buyers complaint does not conform with the buyers order submitted by the buyer at the time of the transaction.

The Seller shall not be Liable if the buyer submitted the wrong buyers order list, or made mistakes in respect to size, color, make, brand, country of origin, Specified quality etc of the said product.

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